Established in 2011 by Dr. Paolo Feraboli, Gemini Composites provides support to OEM’s in the development of carbon fiber products, particularly utilizing Forged Composite® technology.  This technology is based on advanced compression molding of carbon fiber SMC and it was launched at the 2010 Paris Autoshow on the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento supercar and on the Callaway Golf Diablo Octane driver.


In 2014 we won the ISPO Product of the Year award with Union for the FC snowboard binding.  Our designs target high-end sporting goods, as well as high-end consumer goods such as luggage, shoes, electronics, sunglasses, etc.  Our team takes the project from the initial idea of the customer to full-scale manufacturing, including style renderings, detailed CAD design, FEA analysis, 3D-print prototyping, and tooling.